Monday, December 19, 2011

Show Me The MONEY!

When all else fails, try being up-front!
You too probably get the odd spam email. You know the ones - from Nigeria, Taiwan, Burkina Faso, Russia...little old lady dieing in British hospital with trillions of pounds hidden in a Swiss bank account which she needs you to kindly invest to save orphans, for a healthy percentage...
Multiple variations on the theme as well, including one from the FBI saying hefty compensation awaits me simply because I'd received such an email scam - please contact them...and send my account details for verification. LOL
So a scammer this week tried a different approach on me:
Can I ask you for some Help ? Please Read my letter carefully. NO......... I`m not Spam/Scam ! Send a Quick reply and U will see. Take time to Reply to me and you will then see.(So...what? If I reply, I'll see? Is that what you're saying?) I collect Bank Notes (Paper Money) from countries worldwide. (Riiiiiiiiiiiigghhtt!) I want to ask if you could help me with this by sending me any Banknotes of your country or any others around the world. I don`t care about the value, but I do like notes that are like New. (yes, I'm sure you do!) Please try to find the Newest/Unfolded notes that you can.
I`m now Disabled and shut in thedoors most of the time (ouch, sounds painful), so there`s not much to do and this it`s a pass-time for me. Since I can not do much, I am online a lot, that is how I found your email. Any help that could give me on this would be Greatly appreciated. If you can help send me anything, Reply and I will send you my address.
(sooooo tempting!!! I'm sure I could send him something! hehehe)
Thank you.

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Liz Clark said...

Okay I won the UK Lottery..NOT

I have a friend his name is 'Max Gentleman'

I have him emailing me every day