Thursday, December 29, 2011


They call themselves the thin one and the fat one...
They are Nicole Nesti, a photographer, and Barbara Dardanelli, a communications expert. The two friends have launched a Facebook appeal for fuller-figured women and girls (over US size 14/NZ 16) who live comfortably with their curves. Their idea is to create a photo project, using no retouching, to show that another form of beauty is possible without becoming a pretzel.
The name of the project is Grasse! (which is Italian for "Fat!") and it's a work-in-progress. The aim is to create an exhibition that will tour Italy and show people a new way of seeing beauty. Lots of women so far have joined in through the project's official Facebook page.
Although the idea of using images of proud oversized women (who are often absent from the media and advertising), is a good one, they hope the message doesn't stop at the exhibition itself but becomes a vehicle for promoting healthy, balanced habits.

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