Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Briscoe's Lady

Some companies change their advertising front-people as often as their ad men change their undies.
But there's only one "Briscoe’s Lady": Tammy Wells.
One of the most enduring NZ advertising collaborations is now into its third decade. Tammy Wells has been the face of Briscoe's since 1989, with her chirpy messages about what's on sale at the homeware chain on a weekly (sometimes it feels like daily) basis!
Briscoe's primarily targets women 30-50 years old, and research shows its consistency works. Briscoe Group top dog Rod Duke: "Get a good message, stick with it and that's how you get cut-through in the modern world where there's so much noise."
Tammy sure has a strong following – and a few detractors. On-line there are a few who're irritated by her bubbliness. But then there're Facebook fan pages with comments like:
"Genuinely caring... a true lady in every sense of the word!"
"Tammy is great for her age. All I can say is: what a MILF!"
Would you recognise The Briscoe's Lady if you passed her in the '25% Off Towels' section? Possibly not, if you're looking for that hair! Y'see, it's really a wig. She stopped colouring her hair years ago and it's now naturally white, but she is still recognised wherever she goes. The ad team preferred the familiar image of the Briscoe's Lady, so the wig's worn in all the ads. But her winning smile never changes!
A mum with two teenage lads, she does about 20 days' work a year on the tv ads. But she's more likely to be found in gumboots helping hubbie on their farm. Tammy also works for her sister who owns a bead shop in central Christchurch, and fronts up at the St.Andrews College canteen once a week.
Briscoe's origins go back to 1750...yes, there was life before Tammy!


Anonymous said...

Have always thort The Briscoes Lady is HOT!

Anonymous said...

she looked great in 1 ad when she wore the red polka dot dress

Anonymous said...

Would you happen to have a video of that... Just curious