Friday, December 30, 2011

Death Awaits Dickhead Drivers!

It's not just intersections that're deadly...Most NZ drivers will recall last year's unnerving road safety campaign, saying "Intersections: Bad Calls Can Be Deadly". Various ads featured an ominous Grim Reaper-type character beside a roulette wheel, emphasising the dangers of chancing to luck when crossing intersections.
I reckon there's one local driver who must think this applies only at intersections! I was cruisin' through suburbia recently, Jack Johnson on the CD, thoughts of bunnyrabbits and butterflies in my head...all was nice in the world. Saw a car up ahead, easing out of his property. The driver edged his front wheels over the curb, saw me...thought...stopped.
Clack – clack – clack – clack...
I got nearer, he edged his car further out (whole nose of car now out into road), saw me even closer...thought (or did he?)...stopped.
Clack – clack – clack – clack...
I got to within maybe four car lengths...and then DICKHEAD decided the roulette wheel was spinning in his favour!
Clack – clack – clack – clack...
So with great squeal of tyres he shot the rapidly closing and now very small gap! Not bloody thinking at ALL!
The only reason he didn't end up with my modus transportus right through his driver door was that I'd seen his crawling progression and did some thinking myself.
Clack – clack – clack – clack...
Mr.Grim Reaper spins the wheel every single moment of every single drive. Safe driving is not rocket science. But some DICKHEADS just don't get it! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
How hard can it be??!!

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