Friday, December 2, 2011

The Rodent Is Dead

Thank the flight gods, and those in Air New Zealand who call the shots! That stupid puppet Rico has finally met his maker.
Rico was a bizarre rude furry... something... with a heavy accent (Spanish? French? Mexican?) who featured - not without risque controversy - in Air New Zealand's latest advertising campaigns.
More than 4.5 million people watched Rico's YouTube videos over the past year, helping Air NZ win the 2011 Airline Business marketing strategy award. His rap video with Snoop Dogg had almost 600,000 hits.
But Rico attracted just as many haters as fans. For my part I couldn't see any linkage at all to Air NZ in the campaign (apart from location). And having 'has-been' stars (like Richard Simmons and "The Hoff") and 'never-been' stars like Lindsay Lohan alongside him, did nothing to enhance Air NZ's reputation as a modern go-ahead airline.
Air NZ's ad-men are very canny: they make a limited advertising budget go a very long way. And they've climbed aboard the social networking bandwagon big time as well. So much so that, although they've killed off Rico, they're inviting fans to visit and identify which celebrity played a part in his demise (a list of suspects includes Snoop Dogg, Holly Madison, Ma'a Nonu, Richard Simmons and Paul Henry)! Anyone who figures it out wins return airfares for two to LA, five nights' accommodation at a four-star hotel and passes to Universal Studios and Disneyland!
Rico’s core purpose over the past year was to draw global attention to Air NZ’s economy Skycouch and premium economy Spaceseat... but if I'd found an obnoxious piece of vermin like that sitting beside me, I'd want another seat!
After rodents, naked flight crews in body paint, gay stewards wanting kisses from All Blacks...I can't wait to see what sploshes out of Air NZ's in-flight vomit bag next!


Sally A said...

OK, so tell us what you REALLY think! LOL

Mad Bush Farm said...

GOOD!!!!!!!!! Stupid loss

Madame48 said...

I feel like I've really missed out on something now....never got to see this character so don't know what all the fuss is about....I'd be quite happy for them to bring back the All Blacks though :-)

Writer Of The Purple Sage... said...

If you really MUST see Rico, you'll find his vids on YouTube (Air NZ's been VERY switched-on with its use of social media).
But seriously, was Rico ANYTHING to write home about?
See the vids - let me know your opinion...