Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nigerian Scams Via Text

Dearest friend and/or distant relative and/or etc:
I am de most venerable writer of dis here blog YardyYardyYardy. After searching my pockets, I discover a sum of $9.50. If I do not get dis money out urgently, it will be wasted on a lunch at de Golden Arches. I seek only your bank account details into which I will transfer des funds, as I know you be a personage of greatest honesty...
...and so on and so forth. Dat's de way day...opps...that's the way they go: the "seen-one-seen-'em-all" Nigerian email scam (yea, yea, not all scams originate in Nigeria; it's just a convenient blanket term). Once you understand these scams you can pick them a mile away, and yet new suckers pop up all the time. Scams succeed because, out of thousands of attempts and spam emails, if just one gullible person can be convinced, it all pays off.
Dat's right, $18-million just for you!I've received a couple over the last few years. Of course, once you open one to read it, you're likely to get more. So I occasionally post them here as a point-of-ridicule... and a warning to others. People need to educate themselves on these sorts of things. Well, be aware that your friendly international rip-off artists have begun trying scamming by text!
Now I don't wish to "big note" here, but I've added up all the money I've won or inherited or been bequeathed from Nigeria and my current total stands at NZ$4,122,713,764 – NZ$4.1-billion!!!
Quick, where're my bank account details...?

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