Saturday, May 8, 2010

CNN: Road Is Still Rocky

CNN's road to recovery: help, I'm lost!A year ago, I mentioned CNN was running a Road To Recovery segment, to highlight positive news and be motivating in the midst of recession (not that there was much positivism around at that stage!).
I revisited the segment this week, to see how CNN views the world today. As you can read in its logo, the feature's been re-positioned to be less of an optimism upper and more as a knowledge slot: "Whatever happens, you'll understand it better here". This time the headlines read:Going down...? Third floor: haberdashery...
Dow Jones plunges almost 1,000 points... Anger in Athens, Mad in Munich... Debt roulette: is Portugal next?... Sovereign debt fears pushes euro lower... Criminal probe of Goldman... BP must pay for spill... Toyota's rating cut... Time runs out for US fishing town... Spanish unemployment tops 20%... Europe's debt crisis knocks global markets...
Oh dear. A year on - has anything really changed?

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