Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Road To Nowhere...

Reality check: yes, there is a global recession. Same want to call it a depression. But there're individuals and companies around us, trying their best to stay positive and buoy up others at the same time.
Not far from me is a motor vehicle outlet, Albany Toyota, which until recently displayed a sign saying it was not participating in a recession. Nice motivation...10/10...then some vandal sprayed out the word "not". How puerile is that? How senseless!
Global news agency CNN is also trying to be positive, publishing it's Top "Road To Recovery" Stories. Again, a nice idea...unfortunately though, here's a snapshot of the positive stories for May 12th:
'US economy worse than expected'Yes, she IS naked! Don't ya just love Rio!!'Billions wiped off UK rich list fortunes'
'Spain unemployment tops 17%'
'Reality hits with earnings angst'
'UBS to cut 9,000 more jobs''Asian economic outlook bleak'
'Global downturn is WWII-like'
'UK jobless figures hit 2-million'
'Dire economy shaking Zimbabwe'
'Police fear summer of recession rage'...

Gee, if that's the most positive news CNN can find, maybe I'll just exit the road and go strolling along the beach...looks like a far nicer view there!

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