Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bloody Expensive Beer Mat, Mate!

An Aussie mum is staring down the barrel of five years in jail in Thailand, over the theft of a $60 bar mat!
Annice Smoel was drinking in the Aussie Bar in Phuket with friends (2nd.May) when they played a prank on her, putting the beer mat in her handbag. Undercover police in the bar arrested her on the way out, and she spent four nights in a 4m x 4m jail cell. Charges are likely. What's all the fuss about?
Moral of the story: don't drink in the Aussie Bar in Phuket - the cost of their beer mats is WAAAAY too high!! Fair suck of the sav, cobber!!
PS: 21 May 2009 - After behind-the-scenes arm-twisting, a 6-month suspended jail term and a $38 fine, Annice is Aussie-bound, to hubby and children x 4. That fine's less than the value of the mat - probably equivalent to two cocktails at the bar! So why didn't the bar owner simply waive all the hassle and bad publicity in exchange for his precious bloody mat returned?

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