Friday, May 29, 2009

Go, "Crusher"! Go!

Repeat offenders could kiss goodbye to their vehicles forever, now the government's getting tough on illegal street racing. Prime Minister, John Key, says he wants boy racer cars off New Zealand's roads. The prized possession of a street racer could end up a crushed cube of metal under new laws.
Judith Collins has gorgeous eyes...
The eyes have it...
Some boy racers taunt that it's easier said than done....difficult maybe, but Police Minister Judith “Crusher” Collins has set about earning her nickname. Under new laws, three offences - like burnouts and skids - over four years means the car is heading to the crusher. Illegal street racing kills on average 10 people a year and the government says the social cost of $30 million is unacceptable.
Hear, hear! Personally I'd not only crush their cars after an even shorter timeframe than four years, but I'd amend the laws so that boy-racers would have to push the crusher button themselves, and watch their “penis extensions” pulverised.
Or maybe adopt an Darwinian process: fence off an area where boy-racers can do their stuff, put some big strong telephone poles in there, park a few disused trucks and railway carriages as well...those who out-drive their or their cars' capabilities won't be bothering society again.
By the way, I've met Judith a number of times and aside from having eyes you could drown in, she has sincerity, commitment, integrity... if this initiative can be done, she'll do it!
PS - for more on this, check 'Richard Phelps' Lifestream (his May 2009 post).

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