Monday, June 1, 2009

Tall Talk on Telecom TVCs...

Richard Hammond from Top GearThere's been a lot of talk, a lot of court wrangling and now a lot of pretty flash-looking TV commercials preceding the launch of Telecom's new XT Network.
Is that a...could it be a...?The ads feature Richard Hammond from TV's Top Gear and Zoe Bell, a NZ stuntwoman.
Now, having been associated with advertising for 26 years, I'm conversant with 'bending credibility' a teeny bit to make things look ever-so-slightly glossier... yea, I can wear that, to an extent. But these two TVCs erk me! Here're two reasons why:
TVC No.1 - Richard Hammond it a bird? Is it a plane?states he's tested cars... boats... planes... yes, he HAS. An incredible array. No argument. But I'd like to know when he actually tested these FIGHTER JETS (featured in the TVC)! I think not...
PS: 22 June 2009 - RNZAF Publicity says these are most likely shots of an F-16 Fighting Falcon... in which case it's EXTREMELY unlikely that Richard Hammond has tested one!
Zoe Bell in action!TVC No.2 - To test the effectiveness of the new network, Zoe Bell is strapped into a shipping container and dropped from a helicopter into the Hauraki Gulf! Impressive imagery. Zoe in the shipping container, that's just been dumped in the Hauraki Gulf...yea, right!However, I'm certain the impact would have caused her serious injury. Then she's seen sitting atop the floating container using her phone on the all-new singing-and-dancing XT Network! Question: how did she get out of the floating container without the water rushing in, drowning her and sinking said box?

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Anonymous said...

Yea, i wondered about that jet thing myself. That Zoe's a bit of alright though. She used to be a stunt double for Xena and also in Kill Bill.