Tuesday, June 2, 2009

...introducing BEN!

Meet BenLast weekend, I had a little furry visitor.
*whisper* Now, there are certain members of my household who go hysterical over the sight of a mouse (and spiders too!), so I'm not going to tell them!
Only a few months ago, this little rodent would not have lasted five minutes, due to the vigilance of the legendary Blobby. Blobby was a tortiseshell British Shorthaired, wonderful disposition, a very VERY good friend...and, in cat years, about 110!! She showed little sign of slowing down, so Mr.Mouse would not have lived long. Sadly in March, Blobby was run down by some arsehole motorist who didn't stop, and probably was not even aware of his/her actions (and the gut-ripping pain brought to us all).
So now we've got da mouse in da house. I've christened him Ben (after the rat in Michael Jackson's hit song from the 1971 movie Willard): I guess he's sheltering from the winter cold. Hopefully he'll find his way out again and SOON...coz I can't stand the screams!
PS: 03 June 2009 - I've been warned not to give a pest a name. I'll get attached to it, and THEN what'll happen...?
04 June - Hmm, haven't seen Ben since that initial sighting...but he's leaving little poos everywhere. Getting annoying.
05 June - Ok, novelty's worn off. Tired of cleaning up mouse poo. Am buying a WMD.
06 June - Have my Weapon of Mouse Destruction: am told mice love peanutSay bye-bye to Ben...! butter so I'll use that to tempt Ben.
07 June - Oh, he likes peanut butter alright: he got it all off the trap without being caught!
08 June - Ben 2/WMD 0.
09 June - Ben RIP...the picture says it all.
10 June - I'm feeling sooooooo guilty about Ben's demise. Silly, but yeup, I should NEVER have given him a name...

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