Friday, June 26, 2009

The Setting Sun

Ahhhhh, remember THAT poster!...when he still looked like himself...Pop culture took a big hit today, with the deaths of two iconic characters.
Those old enough to remember the original '70s TV series Charlie's Angels will sigh at this legendary poster of Farrah Fawcett - a picture that adorned many a teenage lad's bedroom wall. Actually Farrah made far more income out of this poster than she ever did from Charlie's Angels: let's face it, she won no Oscars for acting but she was tops for just lookin' good! In the last few years she's battled cancer and passed away at 62. Excuse me, has anyone seen my nose...?
And those a bit younger will always remember where they were today, when Michael Jackson died of a heart attack at 50. An incredibly talented performer and artist, Farrah in her last weeksJackson's abilities were latterly overshadowed by his many demons: his constant plastic surgery, reclusiveness, mounting debts, allegations of child molestation and hush-money payments...and within two hours of the news breaking, I'd received four jokes via text about "Wacko Jacko". It doesn't take long to tear down our Tall Poppies, does it? I don't say that to defend him: more a comment on humanity in general. Curious too how the vilifying media, who bayed for blood during the court case, are all running tributes and appearing to be his best friends! Hmmm....
As we all age and morph into completely different people than who we started out as, perhaps it's better to remember the poppies for who they were and what they gave us, rather than how they ended their time.

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Salacious said...

I may be an anomaly, but as a lass, the iconic Farrah poster adorned my bedroom wall as well. She was stunning and had one of those smiles the light up a room. I think her beauty was seen, at least in my eyes, as pure and girl next doorish. She was definitely uber sexy, yet somehow a clean, refreshing sexy that made her adorable and admirable for me in my youth.