Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's Fishy About Whiskas Catfood?

Yum yum, mum, and what's for tomorrow: Penguin Platter?Recently the Whiskas catfood parent group Mars gleefully told Britain how committed they were to sustainability, saving the oceans, and other such buzzwords - so committed that they're working with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and - by the end of 2010 - the MSC logo will be adorning fishy-flavoured packs of Whiskas catfood, offering "consumers a choice of sustainable petfood products for the first time".
Wow! Cat lovers will be purring with joy at this development. So with eyebrow raised quizzically a la Mr.Spock, I note some new Whiskas products. Maybe the mood swing didn't filter through to Marketing: if it had, I doubt they’d think BLUEFIN TUNA-Flavoured Catfood was a very smart move!!
Yeup, a new flavour featuring a species synonymous with overfishing and imminent extinction, now available in a handy sachet! Made with genuine "natural bluefin tuna flavor (sic)"... whatever that is. And even offering a 'buy-one-get-one-free' endangered species! Seriously. Endangered species flavored (sic) petfood? What’s next: Roast Tiger flavour? Grilled Gorilla? Kebab Kiwi?
Thankfully the line was quickly removed, "due to public concerns". Just as well: wouldn’t want Tiddles getting a taste for something that may not be around in a few years...
PS: See also my posts of 1 May 2010 and 14 March 2010, regarding the near-extinction plight of the bluefin tuna.

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