Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Double Standards in the Knickers Drawer

A storm in a 38D cup in USA...over a plus-size lingerie commercial that Fox TV and ABC were reluctant to play!
Plus-size label Lane Bryant claims the channels agreed to air an ad for its new 'Cacique' lingerie line, then got cold feet. The company says ABC "restricted our airtime" and refused to air the ad during Dancing With the Stars, while Fox "demanded excessive re-edits three times before relenting to air it during the final ten minutes of American Idol, but only after we threatened to pull the schedule."
Bryant says the networks had a problem with the cleavage in the ad...
Hear what some US media are saying...
Lane Bryant suggests they have an unfair issue airing images of curvy women in lingerie, while they have no problem with Victoria's Secret's racy ads featuring much thinner models.
Sure, the voluptuous model (Ashley Graham) has a bigger bosom but, as far as raciness goes, it's no more shocking than anything else on TV. And quite frankly, she looks a damn sight better!
PS: 06 May 2010 – The people speak. Lane Bryant's ad is the No.1 most-watched viral video in the world this week: over 3-million views !


J.Steiner, IL said...

She's stunning!

Mike Mac, UK said...

Hot as a hot thing! As if I needed reminding why I LUV curvy girls!