Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cannibal Joke Leaves Bad Taste

So where ARE the Ureweras?Today the Prime Minister made a joke about cannibals. So what? Well, the "what" is the PC-woozers and certain indigenous brethren getting their knickers and/or grass skirts in a proverbial knot. That's "what"!
For those offshore who haven't heard: PM John Key mentioned he'd had dinner with Ngati Porou tribal representatives. He quipped that if he'd had a meal with the Tuhoe tribe, then HE would have been on the menu. Ha-ha-ha. Well! The PC ponces took this to be a dig that members of Tuhoe were cannibals.
W – T – F ???!!! This was so obviously just a lighthearted reference to Tuhoe's current mood towards him - after he vetoed a planned settlement with the tribe, that would have given them the entire Te Urewera National Park.
Some say the joke was in poor taste (pun intended!). Others laugh at this latest maori melodrama, saying: "Get over yourselves!" It's a fact that maori WERE cannibals: the last-known cannibal act in the South Island was on Banks Peninsula in 1839, and I found reference to a North Island chow-down in Opotiki as recently as 1868!
Signing of the Treaty of Waitangi - there's no such thing as a free lunch, bro!But let's be clear: John Key was NOT taking a tilt at traditional Tuhoe tucker time. It was simply a reference to them being slightly pissed off with him, because the 2, of land they thought they had their hands on for free... had been snatched away. Tuhoe possibly covet the Ureweras for their pipe-dream of a separatist state, as they claim their ancestors never signed the Treaty of Waitangi (that oh-so-contentious piece of parchment at the root of so much unrest since it was unrolled in 1840).
So out of this 'storm in a PC teacup' comes...what? The relevation that some folk have no sense of humour..? The shock that John Key makes such awful jokes..? Or the realisation for maori that aligning themselves politically with National will not always be a meal ticket – cannibal or KFC.

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