Saturday, September 10, 2011

RWC: Not Liking It

Well, at least someone in the corporate world is being honest!
The *yawn* Rugby World Cup is now underway...and quite frankly, the sooner it's over and done with, the better!
Everytime I flick the tv on, I'm bombarded by adverts featuring rugby players, products used by rugby players, nebulous links to rugby players, promos about the coverage of rugby players etc etc... not to mention the last-ditch desperate ticket-selling and the incessant countdown to kick-off!
All except for Sky FOUR (on Channel 12).
Oh, for sure all the Sky sports channels are solid wall-to-wall RWC. However, Sky FOUR is not carrying RWC, and has engaged marketing brain and used the absence of rugby to its advantage...
Here's one of the posters in its campaign...and check out its logo:
"FOUR - the home of NOT rugby".
Damn, I like that!!

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