Friday, September 16, 2011

A Frenzy Of Friendly Flags

To me, the most obvious sign that something big is afoot in Auckland City (yeup, you guessed it: the *yawn* Rugby World Cup) is the vast amount of flags everywhere!
Kiwis are not generally jingoistic folk: our laid-back nature is part of our charm. In comparison to - say - God Bless America (which has flag-waving nationalistic fervour fine-tuned to a frenzied religion), NZ probably seems half asleep!
But right now, most public buildings and avenues, shop windows, homes, fences, and many cars are adorned with flags of their owners' particular favourite nations - sometimes with several (in case their top favourite team gets beaten early in the competition!). The flags do create excitement and immediacy, wafting in the breezes or flickering frantically as bedecked cars wizz past.
I'm hoping this flag-flying frenzy continues to some degree post-RWC. Imagine if the nation was encouraged to show pride in itself - not only a sports team - and fly just as many New Zealand flags! We'd really get the impression that we just might maybe not-beyond-the-realms-of-possibility start to believe we can actually all work together as one! *sigh* Too optimistic..?

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