Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mad Dog Mutu?

Restrict white immigration - because this colour of person threatens NZ race relations!
These comments follow a report showing maori are more likely to express anti-immigration sentiment than any other ethnic group.
Margaret Mutu (BSc, DipTchg, MPhil, PhD, Professor of and Head of Department Maori Studies at Auckland University) wants to restrict the number of white migrants arriving from the likes of South Africa, England and the US because "they bring with them an attitude of white supremacy, and that is fostered by the country".
Mutu says she’s happy to welcome white immigrants who understand issues of racism against Maori. Hmmmm, so as long as they’re happy to swallow without question a maori spin on that divisive Treaty of Waitangi and its flow-on maori gravy train, they’ll be welcomed to our shores with open arms???!
NZ Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres (himself an immigrant from the Netherlands), has hit back, saying there's no justification for any discrimination on the basis of colour, race or nationality.
The Labour Department migrant report surveyed perceptions of ethnic groups coming here. Maori were the most likely to be negative about immigrants, such as that they threaten NZ (read: maori) culture and steal jobs from kiwis. They were also more likely to disagree that immigrants contribute to our culture and economy.
Mutu: "Maori feel very threatened as more groups come in and swamp them." Ahhhhh, but what about when maori marry honkey? Yeeeeeeesssss - on her mother’s side, Mutu descends from the Robertson clan of Scotland.
Mutu has a growing 'nutter' reputation for knee-jerk comments which, when spewed from the mouth of an “academic”, are supposedly to be accepted by The Great Unwashed as fact. For example, back in 2004, she said the troublesome foreshore legislation "could unleash civil war on the scale of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict". She claimed her tribe, Ngati Kahu of Northland, had full unrestricted ownership of all foreshore and seabed within her tribal boundaries…and that this ownership extended to the ancient homeland of Tahiti! Just last year, she told menstruating or pregnant women to stay away from a maori exhibit at the Museum of NZ. And the list goes on…
NZ’s immigration policies consider experience, education, required skills, criminal record, not skin colour…but if you hold racially-skewed views like Mutu, you won’t be welcome here either. If I urged a cap on brown migrants, I’d be labelled a white supremacist. So Mutu seems to have added to her qualifications that of Brown Supremacist (or does BS stand for something else?).
Fighting supposed racism with more racism - what a winning plan! 
PS: 05 Sept.2011 - Ngapuhi leader David Rankin labels Mutu the Robert Mugabe of NZ politics, and wants her sacked!
PS: 08 Sept.2011 - 30 complaints to the Race Relations Commissioner - good score, Margaret!

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Anonymous said...

If they can sack Alistair Thomson for ONE silly comment, they can surely LYNCH this woman for her string of stupidity.
She was on tv last night saying white people are GUESTS of maori, and we're only here because they ALLOW us to be here. Is this the way you treat guests?
What planet is she on? Not OURS obviously!