Monday, September 5, 2011

Does This Make My Bum Look Big?

Well, daaaarrlinks, now that NZ Fashion Week is over (bar
1965, with Raquel Welch
from her first feature
A Swingin' Summer
the disinfecting of cheeks after too many air-kisses!), it seems opportune to show you these old ads.
They're from an age when being skinny was regarded, if not as a fashion crime, then at least as a social impediment.
"If you want to be popular -
you can’t afford to be skinny!"
Wate-On was a concentrated figure-building meal, said to put healthy flesh on skinny figures!
Imagine that: gaining pounds and inches of firm solid flesh without overeating! This "amazing new natural discovery quickly fills out skinny figures without pads, exercise or fishy oils!" Available in condensed food tablets or liquid, it "helps fill out cheeks, bust-line, arms, legs and entire body!" "Convalescents recovering from colds, flu and other minor ailments usually find Wate-On’s extra calories beneficial."
And as if that wasn’t enough to hook you in, check out the groovin’ couple in the corner of the 1973 ad. The Liberace look-alike hip-cat's delivering his sure-to-score come-on line: "Gosh, Jean, you sure are popular since you put on those extra pounds!"
Hmmm, dead man dancin'...?
But OMG! This 1978 ad features a couple of slutty Star Wars reject space cadets finding out they're just too skinny to have fun in space... they've compensated instead by discovering the joys of plastic body wrap!

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Mad Bush Farm said...

Phil! How could you NOT post a photo of yourself with something 'more becoming' I mean what are the fashion critics going to say when you show up for The Fashion in the Field Parade then. I mean......I'm sooo upset darlink.........forgot to tell you this year they're all wearing black plastic's that kind of season....