Sunday, September 11, 2011


There's not much in Riverside, Iowa, USA.
About a thousand residents...and one very famous man, not yet born! WTF??
One resident decided to put their town on the map - not by marking an event of the past but one of the future: the birth of Captain James T. Kirk, of Star Trek fame! This even gained the approval of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry!
Riverside has its own Star Trek museum and hosts the annual Riverside Trek Fest.
The film Star Trek shows that Kirk was born in space and raised in Iowa. Nearby are the (fictional) Riverside Quarry, where young Jim Kirk destroys a 20th Century Chevy Corvette in an act of vandalism, and the Riverside Shipyards, identified as the construction site of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), and an embarkation point for Starfleet Academy recruits, including an older Jim Kirk.
With all due respect to Riverside, when you see photos of the place on-line, it becomes clear why Kirk goes on to spend the rest of his life wandering the nether regions of the universe...

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