Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Politics and "Party Central"

Not quite the 1951 Waterfront Dispute (when troops were sent in to work the docks after prolonged worker strikes)…but you’d be forgiven for seeing a parallel here.
The NZ Government is using special powers to take control of the Auckland waterfront area set aside for the celebrations during the *yawn* Rugby World Cup, after Friday night’s debacle.
RWC Minister Muddling McCully is using reserve powers available to him under the Rugby World Cup Empowerment Bill. He’s ordered government officials to write a new plan to manage the waterfront beyond its own Fan Zone at Queen's Wharf. Oooooo, such strength, such manliness! But will the plan be finished before Christmas?
The plan turns responsibility from the Auckland City Council over to the govt., expands management measures and will create more party space. In co-operation with the port companies, more of the wharf area will be commandeered, including Bledisloe Wharf. But don’t forget to consult with the maoris too, or there’ll be hell to pay…!
McCully: "Some of my critics have suggested that I should take responsibility, well I am.” Hmmmm, he must have read my blog! Bless him! “I’m stepping into a space that the Government has not previously occupied.” He says he feels the preparations for outside of the Queen's Wharf area were "thoroughly inadequate in respect of the crowd control and amenities".
But Murray, you seem to have missed a fundamental part of this equation: YOU are the Minister responsible for this whole mess!
If YOU thought the preparations were inadequate, why didn't YOU do something about it much earlier? It’s no use now crying over spilt milk.
You may be stepping up to the mark NOW to take control…but you supposedly WERE in control ALREADY!!!
Get it?

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