Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Silence Of The Lambs

The death of two babies...or 'the death of free speech'. What's more important?
In June 2006, 3mth.old Chris and Cru Kahui died from massive head injuries. And no-one - knew - anything. Riiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhtttt!! Their father Chris Kahui was found not guilty of their murders. But fingers have continued to point at both him and the twins' mother, Macsyna King.
This week, she released Breaking Silence: The Kahui Case (written by conspiracy theorist/author Ian Wishart), to tell her side of the story. After public outcry, some major retail chains are refusing to stock the book, an action Wishart labels 'the death of free speech': "If we can't tell stories by going to both sides and getting people to speak up because it offends people, then freedom of speech is being seriously threatened. And also the right to buy books."
Wishart had not expected the book to get the kind of reaction it has, with some prats even calling for murder on Facebook (the page that started the protest has 46,000+ members). But the strong public interest (albeit over a book none of them has seen) shows the wider population feels child abuse has gone too far and this is where it stops (the case generated an amendment to the law, over people ignoring abuse).
I for one will not be buying the book. I don't need to read a 'bleeding heart' life story to know that child abuse happens. It's a gutless act which the perpetrators must accept responsibility for, instead of blaming their past, their parents or their socio-economic situation. It cannot be justified in any way.
Perhaps if the book's release had been timed for later in the year, it may have received a different public reception. However for it to happen in the final week of the twins' inquest smacks of King trying to either:
(1) cash in on the publicity, or
(2) vindicate herself ahead of any finding by the inquest.
Who knows: she may be completely innocent, but the book release's timing indicates something quite different...and quite sick.
PS: 04 July 2011 - Wishart says "opps" to book announcement timing...

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