Friday, July 15, 2011

I Did It My Way...

When will this lad learn?
Yesterday, Speaker of The House Lockwood Smith would not swear the recently elected Te Tai Tokerau MP into parliament. And why? Because Hone-bro refused to give the correct oath of affirmation, as required by law [see the film footage...].
Come back when you've
learnt the rules, Bro...
Dr Smith said he was happy for the oath to be read in maori but the Bro refused, instead reading from a page in Maori. Hell, he could have read his grocery list, for all that most of the MPs knew! Turns out the Bro had crafted something of his own, which involved that divisive bloody Treaty of Waitangi...oh, yea, and with the oath tagged on the end! "It was about affirming my allegiance to the Treaty, to the people of Waitangi, to Maori generally and to those in society who are marginalised." No, Hone, you can piss in your adoring fans' pockets back on the marae, but be honest with yourself: it was about you trying to 'give the bird' to "Honkey"!
As he stormed off - reading his shopping list en route - to deliver his maiden speech outside on the steps of parliament, his supporters broke into song, defying the Speaker's orders to stop.
Mr Smith said Hone-bro is welcome to come back at Parliament's next sitting day after the recess (on August 2nd.). But he said he had to throw him out, as it's illegal not to give the oath as it is defined by NZ law: "Abuse of the law cannot be celebrated."
Absolutely right, Lockwood - no need to justify your position. Those are the rules of the game. If the Cuzzie-bro wants to be in the game, he has to play by the rules...whether he regards them as "white man bullshit" or not!
PS: 15 July 2011 - Hone gets some mileage from yesterday's disrespectful 'stunt''s all about free publicity before the General Election, eh Bro?!
PS: 04 August 2011 - Fear not, Cuz, you're not alone. Finance Minister Bill English was kicked out yesterday too: rules are rules!

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NorthinObzerva said...

The BBC reports: "Maori MP refuses Queen allegiance".
[ ]
Surely if this idiot won't swear allegiance to the very system he wants to work within, to supposedly improve life for "his people" (or at least to feather his OWN nest - more likely!), then he has no place in Parliament!!