Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Moment In Time...

All of life's experiences are relative.
Their impact and relevance depend entirely on where we are at a particular instant - physically, mentally, emotionally. It's our own view, our own "spin", our own personal perspective.
Apologies for sounding very deep and meaningful...but that thought occurred to me recently when looking through some old photographs of New Zealand soldiers in Vietnam.
This one especially, taken in July 1969, showing soldiers from Victor 4 Company taking a break, with Dinh Co monastery on the hill behind them.
And why did the Vietnam photograph make me pause and get all philosophical? Well, because that picture was taken at virtually the same moment in time as this one...
US astronaut Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on the moon.
The soldiers had just been told what Armstrong was about to do! Like I said:
life is all relative.

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