Monday, July 25, 2011

Beer Ad Misses The Mark - Just Like The ABs?

Have you seen the latest Lion Breweries tv ad for NZ beer Steinlager?
It features a rugby fan who saves a 1980s white can of Steinlager as a good luck charm, hoping its presence at each successive Rugby World Cup will help the All Blacks win.
I guess the ad agency was trying to generate parochial pride in the beer and a sense of nationhood leading up to the *yawn* RWC 2011 but, as we all know, the ABs lost each of those successive tournaments! So perhaps the linkage between the beer and the ABs' RWC hit rate is not as strong as the brewery would have really liked...

Lion Breweries has now released a special "white can" Steinlager to mark this year's Rugby World you can get a fresh one to mark the ABs' next loss! Coz surely not even a die-hard rugby fan would wanna drink a can of beer after that long???!!!

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