Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mob Mentality Hits Palmerston North

Flash Mobs” – spontaneous gatherings, normally organised via text – have been around since 2003.
But apparently they never reached the sleepy city of Palmerston North - not until last Saturday...when, producing their ukuleles (yes, ukuleles!) from their shopping bags, 25 musicians and 50 singers stunned hundreds of people in The Plaza foodcourt, with a seemingly spontaneous performance of The Beatles' Let It Be. Curious bystanders stood up to see what was going on, and many joined in the singing.
and friends
The performance involved organiser/musician Jennifer Moss, the Manawatu Ukelele Group and the Manawatu Community Choir. It was four months in the making and required co-operation from The Plaza, which turned its PA music off moments before and made sure security was aware of the event. Responses ranged from shocked and surprised to delighted, and the perplexed look on some faces was brilliant.
Enjoy this video clip...I can’t spot her, but my sister's in there somewhere, playing her ukulele!

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