Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caffeine Confusion

In the last few decades, NZ has undergone a coffee revolution as many kiwis have become connoisseurs of their favoured black (or brown) beverage.
Coffee's increased popularity has prompted a growth industry with new cafés and coffee-roasting outlets springing up everywhere. Coffee-making is also very competitive, with baristas vying to make the perfect cup of coffee and coffee drinkers becoming very selective.
Stopping by a café - to catch up with friends, meet business associates, relax, or to get your daily coffee 'fix' - is a culture of its own, with global influences affecting decor and associated food lines. You can even get a coffee 'on the run' from roadside coffee stands!
NZ pioneered the "flat white" - traditionally a less milky brew with textured rather than frothy milk, though some regard it as unadventurous. If you're confused by the many variants and so just stick to one you know, this chart may help:
Mind you, sometimes you just want a plain simple down-to-earth quick cuppa char...good luck if you can find one of those now!


Anonymous said...

I remember that bloody awful Kona coffee you used to get. That was ALL you could get in the 70s. The stuff had been sitting on a hotplate so long that it tasted BAD but we convinced ourselves it was nice!!

Writer Of The Purple Sage... said...

Oh god!
I remember Kona too - it was BAD!!! We thought we were sooooo sophisticated, being able to buy coffee in a cafe.
Little did we know, back then...