Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
No, it's a 737-400 balloon:
The mechanical problems continue for Qantas.
Yesterday one of the Aussie airline's Boeing 737-400s lost air pressure mid-flight, prompting a rapid descent and panicking the 99 passengers. The Adelaide-Melbourne flight was 30min from touchdown when it happened: oxygen masks were deployed as the plane dropped from 11,000m/ 36,000 ft to 3,000m/ 10,00 ft. The culprit was a faulty air-conditioning system. Psssssssssssss...
Last November, Qantas had quite a run of bad luck: five “air turn backs” in two weeks! You'll recall it temporarily grounded its Airbus A380 superjumbos after an engine exploded after takeoff from Singapore, damaging the plane. And just last week, a Qantas flight NY-bound made an unscheduled stop in Fiji, after the Boeing 747 developed a problem with an engine fuel valve.
I've got a theory about all these faults, short'n'sweet and it goes like this. Y'know how the Noo Zuld Navy has bought those two Aussie-built "dogs" that've been plagued with technical issues...? And y'know how Qantas also has endless mechanical problems...? Well, the commonality is Australian workmanship.
Now, this overly-simplistic suggestion might cause uproar among the Ocker rank-and-file, but (all joking aside) is it worthy of further investigation? Surely you don't get such a string of "coincidences" without some standards somewhere being compromised, some test not being carried out, some corner being cut.
Something to think about perhaps...?
Oh, and... Happy "Australia Day"!
PS: 27 Jan.2011 - Not such a Happy Oz Day for 352 passengers, stranded in Bangkok by another Qantas jumbo's engine problems!!! Seeing a pattern here...?
PS: 24 March 2011 - Cockpit fire in a Manila-Sydney Qantas A330-200!
PS: 13 April 2011Fuel leak on a NZ-Oz Qantas flight.
PS: 20 May 2011 - Two more "turn backs" for Qantas...
PS: 02 June 2011 - NOW what! Rats found aboard a Qantas flight!!
PS: 16 July 2011 - Qantas flight carrying the Springboks loses an engine...

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