Monday, January 10, 2011

NZ Marketing Gets Personal

It's not been scrapped - just got a facelift.
After more than a decade of success with the "100% Pure New Zealand" brand, Tourism NZ's decided it's time for a freshen-up. And the key to its new approach is just one word: "you".
Research suggested NZ could increase its appeal as a holiday destination by personalising its marketing message and focusing on more than just our glorious scenery.
The new marketing campaign, which kicked off in Oz yesterday, includes three different TV commercials (have a look - see what you think), all featuring the "100% Pure You" tagline. Get used to that tag: it'll eventually be used for all advertising globally (it'll hit major US, European and Asian markets in February).
Tourism NZ says the campaign will feature authentic and special experiences, with the beautiful scenery and environment a vital part of the story as the backdrop.
"100% Pure New Zealand" has been used to promote NZ as a tourism destination since 1999. Last November, NZ was ranked the third strongest country brand in the world by FutureBrands Country Brand Index.
Aussie sheilas - they're bloody well HERE!

I'm pleased the essence of the original highly successful campaign has been kept, and just tweeked a little bit. It's also good to know that Tourism NZ's been actively researching the tagline for any fall-off in effectiveness (which you'd expect after 11 years' use, but no, it's still as solid a brand as ever)...
...unlike our cobbbers across the ditch, who must still cringe at memories of their appalling 2006 "So Where The Bloody Hell Are Ya?" campaign - which cost $180 million, was banned in several countries, did not lift visitor numbers at all...and was called by the Oz Prime Minister Kevin Rudd "an absolute rolled gold disaster"!
Looks like ours is 100% on the mark!

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