Tuesday, January 25, 2011

American Idol Comedy Show Returns

With Friday night tv usually devoid of anything worthwhile, the new season of American Idol was a minor respite...but only for the comedy aspect.
The show is anathema to me, so I only tuned in to chortle at the more pathetic auditions, that surely are deliberately included by the producers each year (William Hung's She Bangs being a classic example from the past).
So, two new judges: Randy ("Yo Dawg") Jackson is joined by Jennifer Lopez (trying to jumpstart a failing music career that's overshadowed by bit-parts in her failing movie career) and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith lead singer/dad of actress Liv Tyler - please explain how one so ugly can father one so pretty!).
Tyler is the wildcard - literally. His comments so far have been bizarre to say the least, and bordering on creepy: I mean, commenting on wannabes' legs and buns??!! Puh-leez! This ain't the groupies' couch at a rock concert!
"Can I have some rum in my Coke?"
The new panel seems to be having fun, but its big test will be when the serious culling starts: that'll show whether this apparent chuminess is real or just clever editing. Singer/songwriter Kara DioGuardi's skills may well be sorely missed at that point, but probably not Paula Abdul's seemingly "under the influence" actions, comedian (and I use the term advisedly) Ellen DeGeneres couldn't deliver criticism if Portia had burnt the toast... and as for the eye-rolling bluntness of Simon Cowell: oh, how quickly we forget.
So unless I can't find a decent DVD to watch on a Friday evening, I don't think I'll be seeing too much of Season 10.
Pass the remote, please.

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