Saturday, March 29, 2014

Take One for The Team

A Danish travel agency has the solution for Denmark's falling birth rate.
It’s called "Do it for Denmark" and, in a humorous (if somewhat long) video, it asks "Can sex save Denmark's future?".
The travel agency urges couples to go on vacation, and make babies to deal with Denmark's flaccid birth rate - currently at a 27yr record low. Since 2000, the birth rate has declined by 17%, making it the lowest among Nordic countries.
The ad claims 10% of Denmark's babies are conceived on vacation, and that nearly half of the population admit to having more sex while on holiday.
To help the falling Danish birth rate, the travel agency is encouraging Danes to take that romantic getaway. The winning couples who can prove they conceived on the trip get a 3yr supply of nappies and a free child-friendly future vacation as part of their special 'Ovulation Discount'.
The video (with more than 3 million YouTube views) stars a young blonde Danish woman: "Meet Emma. She's Danish. But even though she was born and raised in Denmark, she was made in Paris, up there, in that hotel room…" etc etc. Get the drift?
And even if you don't want/can't have a baby, look at it this way. It's not just about winning: it's how you play the game!

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