Sunday, March 16, 2014

Does NZ REALLY Want This...?

New Zealanders get to vote on whether to change our national flag.
PM John Key has announced a referendum within three years, receiving the backing of the Opposition which says it'd follow through with plans, even if Key is ousted in this year's elections.
The current flag has the Southern Cross star constellation, with Britain's Union Jack in the top left.
Some whingers complain it's too similar to Aussie's flag and doesn't reflect NZ's independence from Britain. But many who've served in the military oppose a change, saying it would be an insult to men who've died under it.
Don McIver, prez of the Returned and Services Assn (RSA), said he's proud of a flag that represents more than 100 years of tradition: "RSA's view is there is no need to change the flag. 32-thousand NZers have given their lives under the flag and many more thousands have served under it in a combat environment."
Key favours a silver fern against a black background, an image that's popular among sports teams. Some say that would align NZ too much with sport and would be too reminiscent of a pirate ensign. Some argue maori should be represented in any new flag. Recent opinion polls show conflicting indications about whether a majority want a change at all!
The silver fern is the symbol of the All Blacks. But not EVERYONE in NZ is sport-mad... and anyway, doesn't the NZ Rugby Union think it owns COPYRIGHT on said fern symbol???!!! If it doesn't, then some MAORI group is bound to grab it!
Why not leave the flag as is? What's wrong with similarity to Oz? After all, both countries love to beat the ANZAC drum when it suits them!
Johnno's quick to add that a flag change won't mean an end to our constitutional ties to the monarchy or participation in the Commonwealth.
Hell no, that's worth too much money!!! And after all, when it all boils down, it's all about da money, honey...

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