Monday, March 10, 2014

Freedom To Panties!

Don't ya just LUV Putin?
He's clamped down on Ruskie gays, jailed greenie activists, invaded Crimea, hidden his own dubious sexuality behind macho photos... and now he's banned women's lace underwear!
Ruskie undies, '70s style
Female protesters in Kazakhstan were recently arrested with lace underwear on their heads...demanding the freedom to choose their own knickers!
Lingerie outlets across Russia and its neighbours must dump up to 90% of their undies! A new trade ban prohibits the import, production or sale of synthetic lace underwear, and will outlaw any knickers containing less than 6% cotton (most sexy lingerie has less than 4% cotton) - meaning ladies' lacy undies are off the shelves in all three countries from 01 July.
Smokin' on the Volga!
Ironically, the legislators claim the best of intentions: women's health. Apparently this will allow "girlie bits" to 'breathe better'. The ban supposedly saves women from a lack of absorbency that lace and other synthetics bring. In other words: you VILL vear cotton! Or it vill be very harmful to your health... just like a little holiday in a gulag vill be!
Naturally, women have their knickers in a knot over this. Street protests (and arrests) in Kazakhstan and Belarus, social media protests, lotsa piss-taking on-line... To think that in 2014 anyone can tell a woman what she is allowed to wear is not only a complete infringement on women's rights, but also ludicrous, insulting and archaic. Too many govts have imposed laws that they believe protect women, but instead hamper basic rights. But then again, we are talking about Russia...
Perhaps the law-makers have only just seen Bridget Jones' Diary ...?
What's next: compulsory burqas in Red Square...?

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