Monday, March 3, 2014

Once Lost, Now Found...Again

Yesterday (Sun.02 March 2014) around 10am., Sea Shepherd re-located the Japanese factory vessel Nisshin Maru inside the Ross Sea Dependency...
with a dead, protected minke whale onboard. Blood was running from the side of the ship, slabs of whale meat lay on the deck, along with the severed head of another recently killed whale.
Blood on the dance floor...
NM was located by Steve Irwin's helicopter, which has found the whaling fleet on four occasions this season. Steve Irwin and Bob Barker are now closing in on the factory vessel.
Captain of BB, Peter Hammarstedt: "Each time we have located NM, SS has been attacked by the whalers in night ambushes. With darkness just a few hours away, we are well aware that we are soon likely to have harpoon ships crossing our bows towing steel cables, and the strong possibility that our ships could become disabled in the treacherous and frigid Antarctic waters. After sustaining two gruelling assaults, we believe a third attack by the whaling fleet is imminent."
This is the second time this whaling season that SS has caught the Japanese in the act of poaching whales within the Sthrn Ocean Whale Sanctuary, and it's the second time in six days that SS has located the whaling fleet. The whalers have remained outside their preferred self-allocated hunting grounds of the Ross Sea due to SS's relentless patrolling.


Ailsa said...

This is so frustrating that these whaling ships continue to flout the laws and claim it is in the name of science! Wouldn't it be great if some Governments got stuck in the defended the whales too.

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

WOULDN'T that be great!!!
But don't look to OUR government to help. It merely makes sheepish bleats, and waits for Australia's court case to bear fruit.
The resolution of this situation is in the hands of The People!