Thursday, January 30, 2014

Waiter, There's A Whale In My Jam!

Food containing Norwegian whale meat is being sold illegally at a stand operating at Green Week, a large Berlin food and agricultural fair attracting tens of thousands of visitors.
The dish contains minke whale and blueberry jam, according to the group Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC).
It is illegal to sell whale and dolphin meat in Germany, but not in Norway. If convicted, the stall-owners could be fined and imprisoned for up to five years.
WDC campaign manager Astrid Fuchs: "The fact that the meat of a species strictly protected in Germany and the whole EU is offered for sale is scandalous. There is an urgent need for a greater application of existing laws."
Ze Germans are investigating zis matter.
Not only has Norway broken the law several times - by importation and sale - but the unsuspecting visitors to the fair would also be breaking existing laws by purchasing the meat.
Norwegian company, Myklebust Whale Products, was responsible for delivering the whale meat to the Norwegian stand. Myklebust currently wants to export around 34,000kg (!!!) of minke whale products to Japan, following a similar export last spring of 4,250kg. Yet the CEO was quick to claim ignorance of any wrongdoing and blamed both German Customs and the fair's management.
The discovery is yet more proof of the whaler’s desperate moves to find new markets to prop up their failing industry. Earlier in January, WDC exposed the sale of ‘Whale beer’ in Iceland (a creation of the Icelandic SteĆ°jar brewery and whaling company Hvalur). Icelandic health authorities banned the beer just hours after the brewery stated that it contained whale meal purchased from the whaling company. And a good bloody job too!

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