Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pub Peurility

French officials have fined a pub in Brittany €9,000 for 'undeclared labour' after a customer returned some empty glasses to the bar!
For customers at the Mamm-Kounifl concert-café in Locmiquélic, Northern France, carrying drinks trays and used glasses back to the bar is a polite tradition. But for nasty 'Big Brother' social security agency, it's also an infringement of labour laws because customers are supposedly acting like waiters. Riiiiigghhtt!
The authorities swooped into the pub one evening, initially fining the pub owners €7,900 and briefly placing them in police custody. Customers vouched for the owners and they escaped charges, but the agency is still pursuing a social case and is now seeking a further €9,000 due to non-payment of the original fine.
Pub owner Markya Le Floch: "We were shocked by zis and we're certainly not going to pay ze fine. Zis was all a mistake. What 'appened was completely surreal, but we've received a lot of support from our customers, and zey also zink zat zis situation is completely ridiculous."
The case will now be examined at a later date at a special court in Britany.

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