Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dead Whale In A Beer Bottle!

Coming soon: a beer made with whale meat!
A new Icelandic beer has sparked a sea of criticism from some conservationists who say its "immoral." Iceland's Steðji brewery and whaling company Hvalur (now, THERE's a surprise...NOT!) have teamed up to release the beer, to coincide with a mid-winter festival in honour of Norse god Thor (the festival season runs mid-January to mid-February).
The brewery claims the 5.2% beer is healthy because it has no added sugar and because whale meal (ground up whale bone) is full of protein and very low in fat. It claims that those who drink it will become "true Vikings". (Ugh-ugh! Macho thumping of chest!)
Steðji says the beer was created for the festival, in which people gather and celebrate "as we've done for many centuries and eat cured food, including whale fat, and now we have the beer to drink with this" (note the nationalistic xenophobic tone). The limited-release beer will be available only in Iceland and
Loftsson: dead eyes,
dead soul...
will not be exported.
Whale and Dolphin Conservation has slammed whaling company Hvalur's 'desperate hunt' for new markets: "Demand for this meat is in decline, with fewer and fewer people eating it. Even so, reducing a beautiful, sentient whale to an ingredient on the side of a beer bottle is about as immoral and outrageous as it gets."
Mind you, that 'immoral and outrageous' whaler, Kristján Loftsson, is at the bottom of this particular that says it all really.

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