Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Too PC For The PC Brigade

New Zealand Day is looming…
'cept we can’t call it that, can we.
No, the limp-dick Politically Correct bent to the minority who insisted on naming it Waitangi Day – supposedly the day that two societies combined into one happy nation. Yea. Right. These days, if you're a brown agitator, it's the day to head to Waitangi and abuse the oppressive whitey government!
Since 1999, the National Govt has recognised the distinctive black, white and red Te Tino Rangatiratanga flag as the preferred maori flag...even though there's NO SUCH THING (that particular barrow was pushed hard by Hone Harawira as an all-encompassing maori flag, even though only some North Island tribes subscribe to his theory).
On NZ Day, govt buildings thus fly the extremist flag in side-by-side "brotherhood" with the NZ flag. But Christchurch City Council is in a bind – it also wants to fly a maori flag then, but worries it may pick the wrong one and upset the local bros of Ngai Tahu.
Ngai Tahu consider "Hone’s flag" does not represent them. In fact, they say there's NO bro flag to represent all the clans within the Christchurch City Council territory. Some favour the extremists' flag, others the very old United Tribes of New Zealand flag.
If "Shakey Town" Council was to fly one flag or another, they may be open to criticism from different groups…and god knows they couldn't handle any minor PC bleatings. Not if they're trying soooooo hard to be PC themselves!
So Council will "begin a process" - how PC! - "to identify options" – really?? – "for sequencing the use of different flags from 2015".
Oh, give me strength!

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