Saturday, January 18, 2014

From A Farce To A Famine

To have lost 45% of your business's capacity in one hit due to mechanical failure is bad enough.
But to lose your back-up for the same reason is a bloody joke!
The replacement ferry for the Cook Strait run limped back into the Wellington Ferry Terminal yesterday morning with...yeup!...
mechanical problems.
The roll-on/roll-off Stena Alegra was brought all the way from Sweden, to temporarily replace KiwiRail's Aratere, which lost a propeller in November.
It finally went into service this week delivering freight and passengers in cars only (even though we're now deep into a kiwi summer, with thousands of foot passengers wishing to travel between the North and South Islands).
Just two days into service (!!!), it suffered a partial loss of power on its departure out of Wellington yesterday, affecting some of the control systems for one of the propellers.
KiwiRail's website won't allow any more ferry bookings between Picton and Wellington, saying they were suspended for yesterday and today.
It should be noted that Stena Alegra was grounded during Cyclone Christian in October 2013. A month later, KiwiRail chartered it for six months.
Was this a too-good-to-be-true rental on a faulty lemon...?

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