Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

I hear a Clash song wafting through the corridors of power!
NZ Labour leader David Shearer (who?) is demanding a fair go, after his MPs united last night to deny rumours of a party coup.
Shearer: blinkers on?
The rumours grew after whispers of a letter of no-confidence. But those MPs named - Andrew Little, Clayton Cosgrove and Shane Jones - deny any letter and label the rumours "crap".
Feelings ran high last night once social media climbed onto the bandwagon. A number of furious Labour MPs twittered, to angrily denounce talk of a leadership coup. Mind you, when MPs frantically deny allegations socially, rather than letting the PR Dept issue a calm press release, one can't help but question their sincerity. Methinx they doth protest too much?
The speculation further destabilises The Grey Man's position and puts more pressure on him to turn around perceptions that he's on borrowed time. This week he faced flak over a proposal to have women-only seats, but he convinced the party to withdraw the so-called and widely ridiculed 'man ban'. Of course, that's more grist to the mill...
An angry Shearer says the leadership rumours are not true: "All I want, all anybody wants, is a fair go. A fair go to have facts reported rather than innuendo and rumour."
This, following earlier rumours of a leadship push before the end of this year, won't help Shearer, at a time when many suggest there's been limited evidence of true leadership from him at all!
This morning's Stuff straw poll reflected this feeling:

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