Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Is It Possible For Tip Top To Get Better?!

In New Zealand, a country with the world's best milk and cream, the sweetest fruit and richest flavours, it's no surprise that our Tip Top icecream is the world's best!
My favourite flavour!
Now the likes of paprika, marigolds and turmeric are among the natural colours and flavours that're replacing artificial alternatives in its icecream.
Announced this week, only natural colours and flavours will be used in Tip Top's 124 icecream products, after extensive market research found 85% of kiwis overwhelmingly preferred natural ingredients.
The Food Standards Code allows the use of artificial colours and flavours in icecream. When first used by the food industry many years ago they were considered leading-edge, giving consistency in taste and appearance and enhancing natural colours already in icecream - this is why many brands still use them.
Tip Top opened in 1936 when two friends opened an ice cream parlour in Wellington. Their humble venture grew to become a national icon loved by generations of kiwis. They didn't begin using additives until the 1960s: a spokesman says " was just the in-thing to do at the time. They're completely safe but people look back now and say, maybe natural's a little better than artificial these days."
Tip Top promises this won't affect the flavour of the icecream - the only difference would be a slight colour change with a couple of products. These changes are the result of nearly two years' work but, although it costs more to produce natural recipes, Tip Top is adamant icecream prices will not increase.
It says a full roll-out will be completed by December - just in time for another stonkin' NZ summer!

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