Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It Had To Come Sooner Or Later

Whiteys, sign up here!
A Facebook group is thinking about registering itself as a New Zealand political party.
The Pakeha Party is considering the move after getting over 30,000 likes on Facebook in just one day.
The group was founded by Auckland businessman David Ruck only three weeks ago, to establish "equal rights and benefits for the pakeha of New Zealand" - and spreads the message: "If the maori get it, we want it too."
It now has over 38,000 likes, up from just 2,000 likes on Sunday morning! Amazing what a little Maori Language Week publicity will do! Now, compare that figure to the Maori Party's 1,400 Facebook fans.
His page has become so popular that Ruck says he is going to register a party with the Electoral Commission. He says his followers want to take a stand against maori privileges: "They're sick of all the separatism. They're sick of maori asking for certain privileges that europeans wouldn't be entitled to."
Ruck says he doesn't think there should be any race-related parties, but as long as there is a Maori Party and a Mana Party, there'll be a Pakeha Party. He said he created the page after Mana Party leader Hone Harawira proposed a scheme to build 10,000 houses a year for maori, by maori, which can only be sold on to maori. Mr Ruck says the proposal, which Hone-Bro claims will help maori get a foothold on the property ladder, angered him and he created the Facebook group in response.
Mr Ruck says pakeha translates as "the others" and therefore his party stands for everybody, repeatedly insisting it's not a racist party.
"Look, it's 2013 and I think we need to start creating less of a divide, and pushing forward as one."
I suggest Dave Ruck's plan should not be taken too seriously...!

PS: 10 July 2013 - Ruck's criminal background, and public reaction to his idea.

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