Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Food Origins: How Hard Can It Be? Oh...

French fries from France?
Pasta - Italy, right?
You may think with names like French fries and Worcestershire sauce, it's pretty self-explanatory where certain foods came from. But a survey has revealed that most people are unaware of the origins of some of our most common foods consumed every day.
The majority of those questioned - 70% of 1,000 people - were confident they had a good knowledge of foreign foods. But when put to the test, few of them correctly identified the origin of fajitas... no, not Mexico - these first originated in the US.
Likewise, over three-quarters of those surveyed wrongly believed that chilli con carne was first eaten in Mexico (not the US), and only 10% knew the origin of cheesecake was Ancient Greece.
More than 90% are fooled by the deceptive name of Worcestershire sauce, which was created in Bengal (not the West Midlands of England). Only 11% knew the correct birthplace of French fries was Belgium. And less than 5% knew that pasta actually originated in China. Mama mia!!
10. Fajita, 88.9% incorrect: answer, Texas, USA
9. French Fries, 89.3% incorrect: answer, Belgium
8. Cheesecake, 89.9% incorrect: answer, Ancient Greece
7. Noodle Chop Suey, 90% incorrect: answer, USA
6. Garlic Bread, 92.6% incorrect: answer, Asia
5. Chilli Con Carne, 92.9% incorrect: answer, USA
4. Vindaloo, 93.7% incorrect: answer, Portugal
3. Lasagne, 94.5% incorrect: answer, Greece
2. Pasta, 95.1% incorrect: answer, China
1. Worcestershire Sauce, 96.3% incorrect: answer, Bengal

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