Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kim Jong-Un, We Adore You!

"PLEASE, Kim! We ALL want your babies!!!"
To the rest of the world, he's an international pariah who rules over a starving population with an iron fist, while threatening to blow up neighbouring countries.
But if you can believe his own publicity, Kim Jong-Un's status in North Korea is like that of a movie star! Yea. Right.
These pix from North Korea's Central News Agency show the despot mobbed by weeping female workers (!!!) during a tour of a mushroom farm. The adoring bints cling to the arms of the Mighty Kim as he's marshalled through the assembled crowd by a woman soldier. The propaganda picture resembles the sort of hysterical mob reaction normally reserved for movie stars and rock acts...and of course it's all REAL! The news agency would not reveal when the pictures were staged, er, taken but they were released last week.
I AM Da Man!
Here's Fat Boy touring the mushroom factory. Afterwards, from his infinite wisdom, he 'gave guidance' to the workers. He said they should follow the words of former DPRK president Kim Il Sung (his late grandfather, founder of the dictatorship), who wanted to turn the country into a world famous mushroom producer.
Ya mean, by keeping his 24-million hungry people in the dark and feeding 'em propaganda bullshit??!!!

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