Saturday, May 4, 2013

Which Hairstyle Shall I Eat Today?

Japanese teenagers seem unafraid of pushing fashion boundaries outside the norm. Either that, or they have no fashion sense at all!
Could this be Japan's most ridiculous craze yet?
A Japanese hair salon is rewriting the meaning of 'cutting edge' after being the humble tomato.
This innovative design is already spreading across the internet.
Stylist Hiro says the hairdo, called 'Ripe Tomatoes' or kanjuku tomato in Japanese, is his masterpiece.
Sections of hair have been dyed green to look like the stalk, while the rest is bright tomato red. The look involves cutting the hair into a rounded crop before dying it bright red. Sections from the crown are then shaped and coloured green to resemble a tomato's stalk.
However, just like the fruit, the style has a shelf life. The colours fade quickly and the 'leaves' are difficult to reshape after being washed.
'Ripe Tomatoes' is one of a raft of bold designs to emerge from the Osaka salon Trick Store, which also came up with these creations including a half-ladybird style, animal print, and dyed pink numbers shaved into the back of the head. Ooooo, that's so ME!! Riiiiigghhtt...

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