Friday, May 17, 2013

Love: The Final Frontier

A love of all things Star Trek might not make you the captain of Starship OKCupid, but who cares what those lesser lifeforms think... now that is here?
Yeup, that's right, and just in time for the next movie too!
Someone or some THING out there in the universe SOMEwhere is waiting to love you. The webpage headlines:
'Set Phasers to stunning... and if that doesnt work, set them to stun! Our matching system for online daters helps improve your chances of finding a relationship. If youre a Sci-fi fan and want to meet your Borg Queen or Captain Kirk, try it now!'
Intergalactic hottie?
"Star Trek fans are nerds," says Oliver Gough, owner of "They know what they're looking for." He reckons sites like are too broad for the kinds of hyperenthusiastic people who use his service. After all, these are people who "nine times out of 10 post pictures of themselves photoshopped on the Starship Enterprise!" And there's nothing wrong with that! I myself have a pic of me in Starship costume on the Enterprise bridge - but that was the REAL thing (well, a real replica), NO Photoshop. Truely! It WAS!
So beam aboard Trekkies, and Klingon for the ride of your lovelife - the next gen Love Boat is about to depart! You have the con, Mr Sulu!

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