Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aaron Gilmore Is Gone. Aaron WHO?

Andy Warhol alloted everyone 15 minutes of fame.
Well, disgraced National MP for Christchurch East Aaron Gilmore used up all of his...and a bit more. By tomorrow most will be saying: "Aaron
Gormless Gilmore:
don't we care who you were?

Gilmore first came under fire earlier this month for verbally abusing a waiter who refused to serve his boozed-up dining party more wine. He pathetically big-noted "Don't you know who I am?" (well, until this incident, virtually NO-ONE did!) and also name-dropped Prime Minister John Key.
Gilmore ducked and dived, spun a few yarns, then later publically admitted he was a bully and "a dickhead" - but too late: his 15 minutes had run out. He had to sharpen his sword and fall heavily on it. However, true to his past form (that the media has since dug up), he first fired off some spiteful little childish texts threatening revenge on those who took him down. Oooooo, Aaron, we're quaking in our liddle iddle boots!
Furthermore, in his final speech, this big-talking tough guy even had the audacity to blub his eyes out in Parliament! What sort of a man is/was he? A prize dickhead, for sure! Gilmore seemed the type to want to blame others for his misfortune when he should really have been looking in the mirror. And as for turning on the waterworks, jeez!
Be a real man, Gilmore. Take the hit firmly on the chin. Walk away. Learn your lesson. Do not darken our doorstep again. And please... grow up.


Liz Clark said...

No...loss the little Mr Bean imitation has gone for good. Pleased to see it.

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

LOL Now that you've mentioned "Mr.Bean", I see the resemblance soooooo clearly!!! Well spotted!!!