Friday, May 31, 2013

Relentless They Be!

Off the back of its most successful campaign to date (Operation Zero Tolerance that saved 932 whales), Sea Shepherd has launched Operation Relentless.
Like last season's campaign, Op.Relentless will be managed and led by SS Australia. It'll be SS's 10th Antarctic whale defence campaign in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. During the past nine seasons, SS's direct actions have - by its own calculations - saved more than 4,500 whales and exposed illegal Japanese whaling to the world.
Dr Bob Brown, SS board member: "Australia is now the focus of the biggest whale saving operation on Earth...these whales are Australia's responsibility. Sea Shepherd is acting where governments have failed to intervene in the illegal slaughter of these magnificent creatures."
Sam Simon, Bob Barker and
Steve Irwin docked in Melbourne

Last season, Japan stated that its whale hunt in the Antarctic whale sanctuary was abandoned due to "relentless interference" by SS. The eco-warriors liked that relentless accusation, and they like being relentless in the pursuit of whales' safety - hence the name of the upcoming campaign...

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