Thursday, May 2, 2013

Equality Or Favouritism?

You can't please all the people all the time, daaaaaaarling.
A Tui Beer billboard in Wellington taking the piss out of same-sex marriage has been labelled "offensive".
The billboard reads "Dad's new husband seems nice", followed by Tui's famous tagline "yeah right". (The Marriage Equality Act comes into force on 19 August, allowing same-sex couples to marry.) TVOne reports mixed reaction online - some call it 'narrow-minded' and 'shameful', while others say people need to 'chill a bit'.
Surprise-surprise: a Facebook group's been formed, calling for the sign to be removed. Chanel Roulton, creator of Take Down the Tui Ad on the Hutt Motorway, says - using a tired and overused line - the ad is "so wrong in so many ways": "I will no longer be drinking Tuis because of this! Time to take a stand and take this crap off!"
DC Sheehan posted there: "There will be lots who say 'get a sense of humour'. I think Tui needs a lesson in what constitutes 'funny'."
And a mixed reaction on the Gay Red Shirt Day Facebook page...
Kerry Harpur: "A bit like their beer, lacking a certain taste."
Carlos Cordero: "...offensive".
Conversely, Laura Richardson: "Hell, I'm queer and thought it was good. They make fun of everyone. If we can't laugh at ourselves what can we do? Lighten up. It is just a billboard..."
Donna Riddell: "I think it's the best equality we could all ask for. Tui take the piss out of everyone. Why shouldn't the gay community be any different. Surely that's what the fight is for...equality in everything."
Campbell Orr: "We wanted equality and we got it! Including Tui jokes!"
Nice to see some people have their priorities in order. Now, if only we can take the piss out of maori, without a precious complaint being lodged with the Human Rights Commission...

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